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The bundle set of the professional version includes: free telephone, e-mail and private consultations. Moreover - technical support, free maintenance and updates of the program during three month, and further on for a user charge.

Professional version is a personal one, that is the program is tuned for a specific user, organization and the like for one computer only. An update is sent by the authors by e-mail to a user, if there is no possibility to make an update otherwise.

A staff training for work with the program and machine embroidery theory with the visit of our representative, a business trip is paid by a receiving party.

For the owners of embroidery machines of an industrial class, situated in Donetsk and Donetsk region the visit of our representative for the demonstration of possibilities of the program without any liabilities from the direction of a receiving party.

As a rule, our users take part in the program development, tell about their requests, suggest new ideas. We implement them in a very short time. Wishes of our users, approved by other our users, are implemented for free.

We will consider variants of cooperation in the sphere of joint distribution of this product. A translation of the program to other language is possible.

Address: tel: E-mail:
15i/ 55, Panfilova str. Donestk, UKRAINE, «Tender's Embroidery» +38 062 3119725, +38 050 9469520